I put up walls to keep people out. In reality they are only keeping me in.

Parental Guidance Optional

Despite all odds, he reached adulthood.
No one told him he wasn’t supposed to make it.
But a job’s a job and our conscious is clear.
Why tell him what’s coming when he won’t last the year?

What makes 2 AM so mind-blowingly fantastic?
The laughs are harder
The jokes funnier
Pancakes taste better
Ideas erupt in fiery explosions
That, by dawn, lay fizzling on the lawn.

Can You Spare Change

There was something
In your voice, a hunger
or despair, a need great, a plead.
Passed by and brushed off
Forgot in an on-second-thought
Deleted from the world.  Will anyone lie
Awake at night hearing 
The whispered memory of your voice
Saddened.  Plunging into a puddle
Of your suffering, chilled
By my own coldness, stiffened
Aware of your neglected words.

Character Building

A good character should always want something, right?  So to strengthen a desire, would strengthen the character (still with me?).  Would wanting and receiving everything instantly make us bad characters?  Example, I wanted an iPhone, so I bought myself an iPhone.  I don’t see much character in that.  More like a lack of character, a zombie stumbling through ‘life’ throwing money at things.  (should it be ‘stumbling through undeath’ since a zombie is undead?)

As for me, I don’t know what I want.  What I’ve wanted, I’ve bought mindlessly.  For the goods beyond monetary value:  I’ve wanted, then reconsidered once I calculated how much work would be required, and now no longer want.  If I were I story book character, I’d be sad indeed.        

The battle complete leaves Giants strewn about the beach The flys wont feast on us today They have grander things to eat.

The battle complete leaves
Giants strewn about the beach
The flys wont feast on us today
They have grander things to eat.

Just got yelled at by a telemarketer. I thought about bitching back but then remembered I actually like my life. To the lady that just bitched me out: I’m sincerely sorry your life sucks.

I walked out to the sun
And came sprinting back in the rain

Life on a Page

Scribbled life on a page; pulverized by a hole punch
Flings fluttered snowflakes, showering down over us
Gathering the strewn particles, reunited in jumbled pieces
Seeking out the lost bits, but leaves holes in my existence.


How is it that we have channels to report the news (and I do use that term loosely) 24 hours a day, but every story has to be wrapped up in a 30 second sound bite?

… I should go on about this and just exactly what’s wrong with the world today, but I’m a hypocrite.